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Darek M. Haftor

Uppsala University, Sweden

 D. M. Haftor is professor of Information Systems, serving both at Linnaeus University and at Uppsala University, Sweden. He is the co-founder and first Director of the "Gunilla Bradley Center for Digital Business", a twenty-people strong research network inquiring into the conditions of digital business practices. Dr. Haftor is an expert on digital business development, as enabled by information and its digital technologies; he provides regular advice to various business and nonprofit organizations and is a frequent guest speaker at industrial fairs. Dr. Haftor has spent nearly fifteen years in the industry, first as analyst and consultant and then as manager at a multinational corporation. That work exposed him to various aspects of operational development and strategic management, where information and its various technologies were utilized. His managerial work has brought him all over Europe and the Middle East and the US.

Dr. Haftor has studied a variety of disciplines, ranging from mathematics and statistics, computer and information sciences, through business and industrial economics, industrial organization, to psychology, social theory and philosophy, at various schools throughout Europe and North America. Dr. Haftor earned a doctorate in Industrial Organization at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Dr. Haftor has held academic positions at several universities in Sweden and has touch MBA classes internationally. He has served as the Director of Executive Education at the Stockholm Business School and as the Center Director of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

He has also held several board member positions at academic organizations and their journals, including "Information & Management" and "Cybernetics and Human Knowing". His academic and managerial work has been recognized several times, including through his reception of “The Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award” from the “International Society for the Systems Sciences” and “The President's Achieving Excellence Award” from Wyeth Corporation, both USA. Dr. Haftor's research results include new understandings of how to increase productivity from the use of digital technologies and new understanding of how to guide the transformations of business models. Dr. Haftor's current research focuses on digital businesses, their success factors and challenges, with the underlying question of how economic value is created and appropriated through the use of digital technologies.