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Steven Rosefielde

University of North Carolina, USA

 S. S. Rosefielde is Professor of Economics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), and former Director of the Japan Foundation Project on the Global Financial Crisis’s Impact on Asia. His most recent books include Russia in the 21st Century: The Prodigal Superpower (Cambridge UP, 2005); Masters of Illusion (with Quinn Mills) Cambridge UP, 2007); Russian Economy (Wiley, 2008); Russia Since 1980 (with Stefan Hedlund) (Cambridge UP, 2009); Red Holocaust (Routledge, 2010); Two Asias: The Emerging Postcrisis Divide (edited with Masaaki Kuboniwa and Satoshi Mizobata) (World Scientific, 2012); Prevention and Crisis Management: Lessons for Asia from the 2008 Crisis (edited with Masaaki Kuboniwa and Satoshi Mizobata World Scientific 2012); Democracy and its Elected Enemies, (with Quinn Mills) (Cambridge UP, 2013); Asian Economic Systems (World Scientific, 2013), Inclusive Economic Theory (with R.W. Pfouts), Singapore: World Scientific Publishers, 2014; Global Economic Turmoil and the Public Good, World Scientific Publishers (with Quinn Mills), 2015; Transformation and Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe: Challenges and Prospects (with Bruno Dallago), Routledge, 2016; The Trump Phenomenon and Future of US Foreign Policy (with Quinn Mills), Singapore: World Scientific, 2016; Trump’s Populist America (World Scientific Publishers), 2017, China's Market Communism: Challenges, Dilemmas, Solutions (with Jonathan Leightner), Routledge, 2017; The Unwinding of the Globalist Dream: EU, Russia, China (with Masaaki Kuboniwa, Kumiko Haba and Satoshi Mizobata, eds.), Singapore: World Scientific Publishers, 2017; and Kremlin Strikes Back: Russia and the West after Crimea’s Annexation, Cambridge University Press, 2017.