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Marinko Skare

Juraj Dobrila University of Pula, Croatia

 M. Skare is head of CASTER (Center for Advanced Social Trends and Empirical Research) at the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula, Faculty of Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković". He is visiting professor and partner researcher on several internationally recognized universities around the world (Charles Sturt University, Staffordshire University, Cambridge University, Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, CERGE Institute, Rollins College, Penn State University, University of Bologna, University of Ferrara, Eisendstadt University, Jaypee University, Leeds University, Boston University, Umea University, Brunel University, University of Ljubljana, Indiana University, Sobel School of Business), Sopron University, Bratislava University.
For the achieved results, he received the Recognition of the Association of Accounting and Financial Employees of Istria for the Contribution to the Development of Economic Science and the Istrian Prize for the Promotion of the Development of Science, Education and Education in Istrian County, granted by the County of Istria. He received the Jury Dobrila University Prize in Pula for 2013 for the development of social sciences in the field of economics and contribution to the publishing activity of the Faculty of Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković "as editor-in-chief of the scientific magazine Economic Research, published in cooperation with the renowned international publisher Taylor & Francis (Routledge group). He received a high honor degree from the Croatian parliament “National Science Award in 2014” as recognition for exceptional research results.
He serves on the editorial board of several internationally recognized journals and reviewers for WoS-ranked journals and members of the Board of Governors of INEKA.
He serves as a Vice Rector for Research and Arts at the Juraj Dobrila University of Pula. He is author of 140 scientific articles and several books with 48 articles published in the refereed Web of Science journals.