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Digital Business Models

Course theme: How can economic value be generated by digital technology use? Companies such as Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Facebook and Google have all succeeded in deploying digital technologies to create economic value in ways never seen before. Others, such as Nokia, Kodak and Blockbuster, failed to survive even though they possessed some of the same technologies. A key question that executives struggle with is: how can economic value be generated by digital technology use? This course provides answers to that question. Based on leading international research, the course explores the economic mechanisms that the utilization of digital technologies can activate when applied in particular ways. From time to time, some claim that conventional strategy has lost its relevance in digital business contexts. This course shows how the principles of conventional strategy need to be combined with the principles of the digital economy to ensure the feasibility of a firm’s business model and its future success. You will understand how specific utilizations of digital technologies gives rise to economic value creation both in conventional pipeline business models and in platform-based business models. You will receive a toolbox of methods to analyze existing models and to design new digital business strategies to capture the economic opportunities from digitalization.