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Strategic Management

This module will introduce EMBA students to a range of issues and challenges confronted by strategic leaders in today’s dynamic and turbulent global climate, especially those working in public, private and third sector organizations. It will expose students to critical thinking, evaluative and analytical skills and provide a platform for them to learn the application of theory to practice. Therefore, students will have the opportunity to learn and apply the skills and techniques gained to a full-range of the schism that exists between the two schools of thoughts and understand the usefulness of strategy to contemporary organizations.

The module exposes students to the strategic choices faced by organizations and helps them appreciate that strategy can be a messy and unstructured process, which might require dynamic and transformational leadership for organizational success. A key aspect that students will take from the module is that they will recognize that strategic processes are never sacrosanct and understand that, even among leading theorists and practitioners, the debate and interpretation of strategy is an on-going process. Students will also benefit from the use of contemporary real-world examples, including case studies to demonstrate how strategy works in practice.

The module exposes students to various research skills, including synthesis and analysis, the integration of literature into text and the use of the Harvard referencing style. It fosters intellectual curiosity, equips students with life skills throughout their career, and helps them develop their intellectual rigor and innovative thinking about practical and theoretical challenges.